Houston hosts Annual Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference

Texas: The fifth annual Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference was hosted at Houston which marked an active participation of a range of temple officials, from the smallest Hindu temple in Houston, located in an apartment complex where many inhabitants from Nepal reside, to the only temple for Goddess Meenakshi in the West and the BAPS temple with beautiful white marbles, reports India Tribune. The occasion which took place in northern Houston at the Fifth Annual Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference (HMEC) saw many local Hindus who came and joined with others involved as executives and active volunteers of over 90 Hindu temples from various parts of the US and Canada. Addressing the forum by video, Swami Dayananda Saraswati of the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam (AVG), highlighted that the Hindu Mandirs needed to work together to stand up to external forces trying to interfere with their activities and goals. Other prominent speakers, included Swami Tattvavida-nanda Saraswati of AVG, and Swami Nikhilanand of Barsana Dham, who appreciated that ‘HMEC is helping to foster a spirit of fellowship and cooperation amongst the Hindu religious leadership in America.’ Delegates were already looking forward to next year’s conference in the Ohio area, which would be hosted by several temples from the upper mid-west. The conference was enhanced by the participation both of large organizations like Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Arya Samaj, BAPS Swami-narayan Sanstha, ISKCON, and Kauai’s Hindu Monastery as well as small to large multi-campus Hindu temples from throughout North America. Due to massive efforts by many volunteers, there were more than 250 delegates from nearly 100 temples and Hindu organizations. The temples and Hindu organizations represented included those from as far away as Hawaii and California, Massachusetts and Florida, as well as from Canada.


Source: https://www.siliconindia.com/shownews/houston-hosts-annual-hindu-mandir-executives-conference-nid-73658-cid-49.html

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