2023 Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference (HMEC)
2023 Hindu Mandir Priests’ Conference (HMPC)

Conference Theme: Hindu Mandir - A community anchor in changing times
SEPT 29th 1 PM to Oct 1st Noon
Monroe Township, NJ


We invite you to join saints, sanyasis, scholars, priests, mandir executives and volunteers and participate in 2023 HMEC and HMPC.

Mandirs provides a platform to Hindus of all ages. It nurtures the community to grow together, cherish the success, support in sorrow, appeal to stay united and teaches not envy each other in any circumstance of the life.

The 16th HMEC conference will give Hindu leaders an opportunity to understand how in ancient times, Hindu mandirs and institutions were the anchors of the community that supported and nurtured those who lived around them.  Today, we must revive this role, not just for the largely immigrant first generation Hindu community, but also for the non-Hindus who will benefit tremendously from the Hindu dharmic values.

This year’s program reflects how the enriching the local communities, supporting youth and seniors, creating a sustainable future for temples and priests, and advocating for Hindu values in public arena are emerging imperatives for American temples.

We invite proposals for presentations, presentations and workshop presentations on the themes outlined below.  You are also welcome to submit articles for HMEC publication Mandir Vani.

Special Events: HMEC participants have been extended a special invitations Festival of Inspiration at the BAPS Temple in Robbinsville, NJ: evening of Saturday Sept 30.

Hindu Heritage Month Inauguration: Sunday, October 1


Session 1 – Mandirs – Community Wellness

  • Emotional Health & Spiritual Care
  • Ecology, Sustainability and Dharma
  • Family Welfare – Immigration help, Legal help/counseling for social issues, Medical camps / hospital visits, Senior Citizen Community Centers
  • Evolving Role of Priests
  • Facilitate youth programs

Session 2 – Mandir and Dharma Education

  • Mandir / Organization working with Board of Education, Parent Teachers Association
  • Engaging nearby Colleges and University via Chaplain, Hindu Youth Organizations.

Session 3 – Mandir’s Role in Dharma Advocacy

  • Mandirs and advocacy on contemporary American Hindu issues such as Caste bills, swastika, hinduphobia, mandir vandalism and attacks on the essence of Hindu dharma
  • Mandirs as a Center of Community
  • Role of Mandirs in voter education and candidate education

Session 4 – Sustainability of Dharmic Institutions / Mandirs

  • Best Practices for Mandir Governance and Administration
  • Priest education for American Hindus
  • Youth Retention from High School to College
  • Unity and Sharing across mandirs
  • Effective Volunteers and Fund Raising Programs

Join as:

  • Youth speaker
  • Panelist
  • Speaker
  • Poster presenter
  • Session chair
  • Author
  • Sponsor
  • Workshop orgnizer

We are confident that participating in this conference will be a rewarding experience for you and the local and global Hindu community. Thank you once again for your interest! We look forward to receiving your proposal/abstract by deadline.

II Narayanaya Namah, Namo Arihantanam, Buddham Sharanam Gachhami, Sat Sri Akal II

Tejal Shah


Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference (HMEC)

Guiding Team


Tejal Shah
tejal.shah@vhp- america.org

HMPC Convener:

Laxmi Bhamadipati

PR Coordinator:

Niyati Vasani
niyati.vasani@vhp- america.org


Amitabh Mittal
Himanshu Desai


Anita Gupta
Bharat Vedak
Kishor Trivedi
Pt. Murli Bhattar
Pt. Ram Hardovar
Sajjan Agarwal
Vallabha Tantry

Advisory Team:

Abahya Asthana
Ajay Shah
Sant Gupta
Sanjay Mehta
Surendra Pandey
Nainan Desai
Vipul Patel

Amitabh Mittal
Arish Sahani
Gaurang Vaishnav
Hansa Dave
Haresh Bhatt
Keshav Patel
Mahendra Sapa
Pt. GyanPrakash Upadhyay
Ram Tewari
Toral Mehta
Deoroop Teemal
Hemant Parekh
Ramnarine Sahadeo

Program Venue and Accommodation:

Double Tree by Hilton
390 Forsgate Drive,
Monroe Township,
NJ 08831


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