Building, preserving and strengthening of Mandirs in North America

HMEC offers Mandir Executives’, Priests, Hindu community leaders and Scholars a great opportunity to learn from one another and grow as one. Join together as one, share, and listen to each other’s stories, opinions, and experiences.

HMEC is the largest annual conference for past and present executives, community leaders and scholars of Mandirs, Gurudwaras, Ashrams, Derasars and Hindu organizations in North America and the Caribbean. HMEC seeks to bring these institutions together for networking, collaboration and sharing of best practices.

16th Hindu Mandir Executives' Conference - Brochure

Some of the recent HMEC activities:

  • Publication of books on Hindu rituals and practices

  • Alerts and webinars on temple safety and security

  • Educational webinars in partnership with the Hindu University of America

  • Helping temples when faced with Hinduphobic attacks

  • Building positive narratives on Hindu symbols like Swastika

  • To collectively counter attacks on mandirs

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